Meadows Joins Homecoming!

By Janielle Kastner

This week I am embarking on a brand new adventure – Homecoming!! While I have enjoyed participating in SMU Homecoming by dutifully Boulevarding, enjoying the parade, and going to games and events I have yet to make a float in the parade or paint a Peruna or make any of the events happen.

This year, MAPS [Meadows Ambassadors for Prospective Students] and APES [Ambassadors for Prospective Engineering Students] have teamed up – talent and enthusiasm married to brilliance and good planning, MAPS and APES serve to represent all Meadows students and Engineering students for Homecoming 2011! While I have had many opportunities to grow creatively as an artist while studying Theatre at Meadows, I have a tremendous amount of enthusiasm, love for painting, and glue-gun prowess that has long gone unnoticed. Naturally when I found out MAPS was participating in Homecoming, I signed up for as much as I could: Window-painting (each group of partners get one window on Hillcrest to paint according to their theme), Peruna – decorating (each group also decorates their own wooden Peruna the Pony, to show Peruna’s enthusiasm for their theme!), and Float-building  (I will not disclose secrets here, but having Engineers as your partners REALLY pays off – get ready for moving parts and fantastically assembled structures!), as well as face-painting for students and kids on the Boulevard the day of.

I cannot convey the depths of my excitement for Homecoming. It started off with Peruna-painting, and the Meadows team assembled to decorate our beloved Pony with our Vegas theme! This year the theme is “Bright Lights, Big City” and each different pairing of organizations selected a different city to represent. MAPS and APES chose a  Vegas theme, which is just perfect – beautiful buildings and fantastic artistic talent!

We brainstormed for a while on how to best decorate Peruna with a Vegas theme, and decided to take the iconic “Vegas showgirl” and make Peruna a “Vegas showpony” – multiple feathers, glue-gun burns, and countless canisters of glitter later, our Peruna is Vegas-ified! I worked on the headdress, and am pretty proud of the result.  I can’t wait to work on window-painting next, then the float building begins! For the float, the Engineering team will be designing and constructing and making things awesome, while the Meadows team paints and pomps and utilizes our creativity to make things look great.

I am so glad to be on the construction side of Homecoming my Senior year! It is a testament to how SMU school spirit grows more and more every year as more and more organizations join all of the previous fraternities, sororities, and student organizations to pomp more floats, glitter more Perunas, and  make Homecoming Week the best week on campus!

Come visit us during Homecoming Week if you can! I’ll be the one covered in red and blue paint, glue-gun burns, and a huge smile!


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