See you on the Boulevard!

By Annie Bures

Other universities have football tailgates but at SMU we don’t tailgate… we BOULEVARD! The first thing you need to know about Boulevarding is that it is all about Mustangs Football. The Boulevard may officially begin three hours before kickoff but devoted fans gather as soon as the sun is up before each home game to celebrate a great season and to get excited for the fantastic athletic feats still to come. The Boulevard celebrates Mustang football and unites the SMU and Dallas communities in praising our student athletes for their hard work. The amazing thing about the Boulevard is that it isn’t just a time for students to have fun with friends. It is a time for professors, alumni, family, and friends to celebrate the common bond of love for SMU.

The Boulevard is an SMU tradition in itself but, to an outsider, it also shows off a lot of other traditions that make SMU unique, the most prominent of which is our clothing. While you are welcome to wear whatever you like to an SMU football game you shouldn’t be surprised to walk onto the boulevard and see the majority of girls in red and blue dresses and the boys dressed in khakis and an SMU button-up shirt. It might be more of a Southern tradition than a Texan one but we have embraced it as our own. Another key tradition of the Boulevard is the walk to the stadium: Fifteen minutes before each home game the cheerleaders, baton twirlers, marching band, and Peruna (our live mascot!) gather the students for the official march to the stadium.

The Boulevard is a time for great food, from barbeque to hot dogs to gourmet catering, and for great music. Boulevards often include a concert from local and national artists. Jack Ingram performed at the Boulevard for homecoming last year! Campus organizations such as special interest clubs, fraternities and sororities, alumni groups, and all of the undergraduate colleges and graduate schools boast huge white tents on the Boulevard with free food for all!

If you are from the Dallas area or will be here to visit our beautiful campus make sure you let the Office of Undergraduate Admissions know so we can set up a visit to the Boulevard and tickets to the game! Pony Up!

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