Mustangs Keep their Heads Up!

By Lauren Cook

The Mustangs are still looking up for their next football game against Tulsa this Saturday. Feel free to watch it on Fox Sports Net. The game starts at 2:30pm central time. Follow SMU Football on Twitter or ‘like’ them on Facebook. It’s a great way to get game updates even if you can’t be there for the game! I do this all the time.

So far, for the 2011 season, the Mustangs are kicking it in gear with only two losses (against A&M and Southern Miss) and five wins! Important to note is that we beat TCU, our rival, with a score of 40-33.

I am so proud of the Mustangs and I cannot wait for the next Boulevarding (our version of tailgating) experience!

Below is a link to our SMU Football site if you have specific questions or want to see the schedule:

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