Game 5 of the World Series

By Jilian Rossow

All over campus the only talk you’ll hear these days is about the World Series. Texas fans are beyond excited they have another chance at the title after losing to the Giants last year, and St. Louis fans are increasingly adamant their team is the best as the series gets closer and closer.

After last night’s Game 5, the Rangers are only one game away from their first World Series championship. In a very exciting and close game, Napoli hit a bases loaded double in the 8th inning to bring the score to 4-2 with the Rangers leading. Neftali Feliz pitched the final three outs and the Rangers closed out the game ahead in the series 3-2. The Rangers fans contributed to the win by causing a miscommunication between Cards Manager Tony La Russa and his bullpen. The 51,000 fans crammed into the ballpark were so loud, La Russa’s directions couldn’t be heard over the phone causing the wrong pitchers to warm up. As the teams move to Game 6 in St. Louis, I know the Rangers will remember all the fans at home yelling at their TV’s just as loud as they did in the park.

In Game 6, The Rangers will have to focus on controlling Pujols. He joined the ranks of Babe Ruth and Reggie Jackson in Game 3 when he hit three home runs in one World Series game. Last night, the Rangers paid him the ultimate compliment by intentionally walking him with the bases loaded. Pujols is an extremely strong player and could be the wild card the Cards need to win the series for themselves.

Personally, I’m rooting for Texas. In nearly four decades, we still don’t have a trophy, and after last year’s defeat I think we deserve the championship. In addition, I love victory parades and Arlington’s a lot closer than St. Louis so on Game 6 you’ll find me glued to the TV cursing Pujols and crossing my fingers for Lewis.

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