Relish in RLSH! (Residence Life and Student Housing)

By Lauren Lyngstad

While lying in bed last night, my roommate and I had the most hilarious conversation from our opposing beds. As we reminisced on memories from our first year at SMU I laughed so hard I literally had tears streaming down my face. Fantastic moments like these remind me why I love living on campus as a sophomore. Though it is mandatory for all first year students to live in a residence hall on campus, sophomores, juniors, and seniors are free to move off campus. As a sophomore, I chose to remain on campus, and I absolutely love it. The residence hall that I reside in, Virginia-Snider, has students from all four grades, which provides for a fantastic opportunity to meet people from all different portions of the SMU student body.

I must admit to all of you readers that I am the student who frequently wakes up about ten minutes before class starts, dashes out of bed and grabs my backpack on my way to the door. One of the best parts about living on campus is that most of my classes are less than a three minute walk, which makes them extremely accessible. Also, living on campus helps you stay connected to all of the great SMU activities that occur throughout the weekdays and during the weekends. I love to attend community events through my residence hall, catch movies on the quad at night, and watch the fantastic performances put on by the Meadows students.

Currently there is construction of new residence halls that are set to open in fall of 2014, which will signal a change in the structure of residence life at SMU—sophomores will be required to live on campus! This will only enhance the excellent community that exists on SMU’s campus. I am so excited to see the progress of the construction and the path that SMU is taking to further enhance their student’s educational experience.

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