SMU Bucket List

By Janielle Kastner

When I was a first-year, wide-eyed and in love with SMU, I began to make a list of all the things I was going to try, events I would attend, clubs I would join, and places to explore…

That was 6 semesters ago, and I still have so much more to accomplish!

These are some of the events I have left – I hope you can come to SMU and pick up wherever I leave off!

Things to Accomplish Before Leaving SMU:

Step on the Seal after Graduation

X Get a Bike and Ride it Around Campus

X Attend a Tate Lecture Series

X Meet the Tate Lecture Speaker

Cut a ribbon/Inaugurate something on campus

X Give a Tour of SMU [Lucky me, now that’s my job!]

X Go to Chuy’s, and compare salsas with all other Tex-Mex restaurants within a 10 mile radius of campus

Run on Katy Trail

Study at “The Falls” Tanning pool

Attend the Dallas Symphony

X Climb the wall at Dedman

X Stay awake 24 full hours doing homework

Stay awake 24 full hours only doing fun things

X Explore Bishop Arts District

Go Sky-Diving with the SMU Outdoor Adventure Organization

X Mentor a First Year

X Sign my name on the wall at I <3 Yogurt


Attend a TEDxSMU talk

Jump in all the Fountains on Campus [I can neither confirm nor deny whether this is against the law. Proceed at own risk.]

X Act in a Main Stage Show

X Road Trip to Austin

X Go to a Concert at House of Blues

Direct a show for SMU Student Theatre

X Build a Fort in my Residence Hall

X Take a nap under a tree on the Boulevard

X Attend Brown Bag Dance Show

Be in Brown Bag

Cook a 4-Course [or more!] Meal for Friends from Scratch

X Get cookies at J.D. Chippery’s

X Become a “regular” at Crooked Tree Coffee House

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