The Newbies Step it Up

By Amie Kromis


Hello Everyone!

Last weekend I participated in my first ever Forensics tournment. My participation is part of a mandatory Forensics class for my Communication Studies major. Everyone that knows me understands my love for the Communication Studies department. It is only my second year with the department, but I have experienced so much. Last Fall Break I attended Hilltop on the Hill which is a program designed for Comm Studies and Journalism students to experience what future careers are like on Capitol Hill in Washington. We were able to meet with senators, the offices of Google and Politico, and much more. I also traveled to London this summer with the department to study free speech. My experiences were far too grand to write in just a paragraph, but simply put, I had the experience of a lifetime. Finally, I am also involved in mustangconsulting which is a student-run consulting firm within the Comm Studies department. The application process is highly selective, but because of that I have been able to learn so much from my colleagues. Those are just three of the many opportunities provided within the Comm Studies department that provide opportunites to challenge yourself throughout your undergraduate career. I have gained so much real world experience through these programs, professors, and courses that I feel more than prepared to step into the work force in a year and a half when I graduate.

My Forensics tournament this weekend solidifies my constant growth not only as a future employee, but as a scholar.

I will finish up my Comm Studies degree this year to finish knocking out my Religious Studies degree my Senior year. It is bittersweet that I am leaving such a huge part of my SMU experience, but it brings me joy that prospective students like you will be able to experience the same amazing opportunities!

Pony up!

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