The “ins” and “outs” of IN-N-OUT!

By Annie Bures

That’s right folks… IN-N-OUT Burger finally got the message and followed me out to Texas! Located only 1.2 miles (a two minute drive or 7 minute walk) from campus is Dallas’ first IN-N-OUT. As a native Californian the one thing I consistently missed from home (other than my dog and family, of course) was those thick, juicy, double-double burgers that can only be found under the crisscrossed palm trees and the bright yellow arrow. Rumors circulated long before anything official was announced but last spring Dallas found out that we would be home to the first IN-N-OUTs in Texas.

The day the first location opened the line circled around the store, down the freeway, and police officers were required to direct traffic. Some customers waited as long as 5 hours for the delicious California tradition! I might just be the biggest IN-N-OUT fan out there but unfortunately I was abroad on the day of the grand opening which meant that my cravings for animal style fries and chocolate shakes would have to wait until I returned.

When I finally returned from abroad and headed back to Dallas I was excited but skeptical. Would it live up to the quality of the California locations? Would the Texans now working here know about the secret menu and how to order? Would anyone else know what a lemonup is?! As I drove down N. Central Expressway towards the burger hot spot I worried about how it would compare to my favorite location back home. I soon realized that I had nothing to fear… IN-N-OUT Dallas is everything I have come to expect and more!

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