I Love SMU Football!

By Elizabeth Eliot


So this past weekend, the Mustangs had their first home football game, and… we WON! Hooray! Despite the fact that I am not really much of a sports fan, football season is just about my favorite season at SMU. SMU Football is great because it really gives the students something to rally behind and brings the whole student body together. Regardless of where you’re from and who your “team” is (I confess I have none unless the Broncos seriously pick it up this year), everyone here loves the Mustangs.

Of course, while Football is great and all, another awesome tradition that comes with football season is the famous Boulevard. As the saying goes “at SMU, we don’t tailgate. We Boulevard.” Essentially what that means is that every home game day, Dallas area alumni and Mustang Fans, faculty, and students congregate on the central quad and boulevard on campus; set up tents, grills, and stereos; and share their SMU spirit.

I love the Boulevard because it really brings the whole campus together. While all of the various undergraduate and graduate schools, Greek organizations, and student organizations set up their own tents, everyone intermingles and it’s just a great opportunity to catch up with everyone. It’s also great because as our lives get exceedingly busier and it grows more difficult to set time aside to hang out with friends, we know that we can always count on the Boulevard to bring us all back together.

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