Fair Fair College Fairs (Not the State Fair…yet)

By Courtney Steele


Hey y’all! I hope everyone is having a great start to the year. It’s the middle of September which means it’s college fair time in the DFW area! I absolutely love college fairs, it’s a great opportunity to interact with a ton of students, their families and friends and get SMU on everyone’s mind. The energy in the gym at a college fair is like no other – tons of voices murmuring and echoing over the hardwood floor, tables lined up as far as the eye can see and pens, pennants, brochures and business cards flying around in the air and on the ground. SMU admission counselors bring ambassadors with them to the DFW area fairs for  a vibrant energy and student perspective (and additional backup in the mobs of people, mainly). How much do I love college fairs? Enough that I’m opting to attend 6! I even loved college fairs when I was a senior in high school. I got to gather so much information about tons of different schools and then go home and organize/alphabetize/re-organize/re-alphabetize all of it! (Yes, I’m neurotically OCD like that). I was about to take off my name tag at the fair I attended on Monday so I could wander around and get information to take home all over again! No joke. I absolutely encourage everyone to attend whatever college fair is close to home, it’s a chance to learn a lot, an opportunity make a great first impression, and a structured time to learn about every option that’s out there.

We had a great win against UTEP last weekend, Northwestern State better watch out this family weekend! Pony up everyone!


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