Dayzz at Dedman

By Cameron Skreden

With summer being over and the school year in full swing, I have begun to miss the summer days of spending time outside running, biking, swimming or playing sports. Some of my favorite times with friends came from hanging out by the pool or just playing a pickup game of basketball. However, even though I am removed from my laxidasical lifestyle that my summer weekends gave me, Dedman Rec Center has allowed me to continue to live vicariously through my summer self. Already this year I have spent time in the gym playing basketball and beach volleyball with friends. Loosely organized, we meet up and have a great time at any time from Sunday nights to Thursday afternoons. Working at the rock wall has me climbing every week and continuing to enjoy another out door activity. I am currently using Dedman’s extensive fitness center to train for the Tough Mudder. It is a national 10 mile race which is littered with obstacles; in other words, an incredible test of physical stamina and endurance while sending you through obstacles of mud. I am looking forward to my runs on Dallas’ Caty Trail- a running trial that sprawls through uptown and begins just 4 blocks south of campus. While I am removed from my outdoor adventures at home, I have much here at SMU that will keep me occupied enough to get my mind off of school.

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