Mustang. Pony. Blast.

By Lauren Cook

This weekend is a weekend to remember for SMU. That’s right. SMU is finally playing Texas A&M in football! The campus has been buzzing about this game since last Spring and students are already hyped for the upcoming road trip to College Station.

I, myself, am extremely excited and slightly ancy! I can already picture myself there, chanting the SMU spirit chants and standing for hours in the vistor’s section. This will be the first time I have visited College Station and I can’t wait to see what a big college with a giant fan base is like! From what I hear, Aggies are intense. We will see about that.
This game will be our first game to kick off the football season this year. It is my goal to attend as many games as I possibly can. I love college football! Something about tailgating on the Boulevard, with the smell of hamburgers and sunscreen, makes me happy. It’s just a good ol’ time with your friends, parents, siblings, grandparents, and even your pets. SMU is blessed to have great support from the Dallas community and SMU alumni as well as students and their visiting families. Boulevarding, as we call it, is a huge spirit tradition.
Make sure to come visit SMU this Fall so you can see the Mustangs in action on the field!
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