The Last Rodeo Begins

By Courtney Steele

Hey y’all! I hope you had a great relaxing summer. Everything is now buzzing around campus again – students are back, books have been opened and senior year is officially underway. It’s hard to believe that it was just 3 years ago that I was starting my first week of classes at SMU not knowing what fun and excitement was in store for me.  Being an only child and coming from a small high school, SMU intimidated me a little bit, I won’t lie. But, SMU does a fantastic job of making all the first years feel welcome and right at home.  One of my favorite welcomes is the Send-Off. Send off parties happen before students even come to campus in their home state all across the country. Current and incoming students and their families get together for a night of bonding, good food and some SMU goodies – it’s a great time to meet other students from your class and current students too, there’s a built in commonality and bond since y’all are from the same part of the country. As I said (and rambled about) at the Colorado send off this year, it’s an incredible opportunity to meet people who understand you, they understand where you’re from – in our case, these are the people that you turn to when you feel homesick, the ones that understand Texans think we’re strange since we navigate by the mountains and the people you’ll laugh with when Dallas essentially shuts down because of a dusting of snow. It was 3 years ago at the send off that I met two of my best friends. It’s a rare and incredibly important and fun experience that I encourage all to partake in. To any nervous souls beginning their college search process, I promise (pinky promise actually) that you’ll feel right at home at SMU before even moving into your residence hall! Pony up for a great semester full of fun, surprises, decisions, new opportunities and a lot of Mustang Football wins!

Check out SMU ambassadors Cam Smith, Courtney Steele and Elizabeth Eliot at the 2011 Colorado Send Off


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