Dallas premiers rising stars

Lauren Cook

Dallas is on the rise. It’s the place to be. What can I say?

You think Austin, TX is the only place for music gallore? Think again.

Dallas is a hot spot for musicians. Countless bars and venues host up and coming bands.

SMU has more than just a few students who are in their own bands outside of school.

One SMU student, Aaron Rose, has helped to start a band of his own called Acey’s Ghost. Acey’s Ghost consists of four college guys (one from SMU, two from UNT, and one from DBU) who have been friends and just liked to make music together. Well, one day they decided to make it official!

Now on iTunes, Acey’s Ghost features 3 tracks and is in the process of making more. Their producers, Pure Evil Productions, is located right across the highway from SMU. How convenient?

Last night, I had the privilege of watching Acey’s Ghost open for the band Rooney at Trees Bar in downtown Dallas (just five minutes from SMU, by the way). If you don’t remember Rooney, their lead singer was the guy who kissed Anne Hathaway in Princess Diaries! It was a really great show–there were three other bands that played before Rooney as well. They were all great and rocked it out.

Clearly, Dallas is a hot spot. And SMU just happens to be right in the middle of the action! So, for all you music lovers, consider making SMU your home not only for the academics but also for the great atmosphere with plenty to do!

Also, feel free to check out Acey’s Ghost on iTunes or “friend” them on Facebook by typing “Acey’s Ghost” in the search box!

Until next time, check out these pictures! The last one is from the Rooney concert last night.




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