Destination Life.

By Courtney Steele

Hi y’all! I hope everyone’s spring semester has been going well. It has been the typical craziness and bustling around the Hilltop! Destination SMU is now over and college decisions will be made soon!

I finally received my SMU ring a few weeks ago after years of waiting and wanting. It’s an age old tradition on campus symbolizing and representing all the work you’ve done at SMU and all that you have accomplished. Walking into the Rotunda of Dallas Hall it hit me, I have only one year left on the Hilltop. Coming into SMU at age 18, I was greeted with smiling warm faces, AARO, Mustang Corral and other “destination” programs – I knew (or at least pretended to know) what I was doing, and all that I didn’t know I learned quickly with a little help from my now fellow mustangs. Destination SMU and the programs of the like prepared me for my time at SMU and made my excitement to take part in everything SMU had to offer grow rapidly. While I was being handed my ring, I looked up to the gold-leafed rotunda, then out the windows overlooking Dallas Hall lawn and downtown and I was struck with sheer panic and a desire for there to be a Destination Life program that would help prepare me for what I will soon be walking into, beginning May 12, 2012. My heart raced, I started to feel both sad and panicked, I was rapidly racking through my brain about how to efficiently search for a “life-preparation program” on Google, when it all hit me…

I have gone through and continue to go through a Destination Life program – it’s called your time at SMU. SMU prepares its students for the working world, the social world, their community responsibility, networking, and the fun they have along the way – everything one needs to know to prepare them for life. SMU surrounds you on a daily basis with these tasks and tests of preparation, we just often refer to it as class and clubs and organizations and jobs and exams and homework and projects and socializing without even realizing what it truly is. SMU is a place to grow, a place to flourish, a place to have fun, and a place to prepare yourself for the rest of your life.

I now wear my SMU ring with pride and with the confidence that as of this time next year, I will have successfully completed Destination Life.

Good luck with the rest of your semester all! PS. Pony Up!

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