Spring Break Up Special

By Elizabeth Eliot

Over Spring Break I experienced a break-up. I’m not sure if I’ll recover… It was pretty tough on me, but I’m really trying to be optimistic.

Over Spring Break, I broke up with winter…

Now, to be serious, I will miss some of the benefits of winter: peacoats, winter accessories, snow… and…tear… ski season. Oh K2 skis… oh painful ski boots… oh pink gloves and goggles… I’ll miss you so, and may reconsider our relationship come November. But right now, I’m seeing someone else: Spring. And they just have so much to offer me…

Ok but actually being serious. It’s finally Spring in Dallas! Actually, yesterday, the day that most of us mourned coming back to school was the official vernal equinox, and seriously, I can feel it. The tulips on campus are blooming, the weather is warm again, and yesterday, I even saw some people at the tanning pool (yes, it’s real). I’ve got to say that Spring is really something special here. It’s just the perfect amount of warm–not too hot yet–and it’s something that all SMU students try to take advantage of. I am so looking forward to a few weeks of doing homework/chilling on the Dallas Hall lawn, relaxing at the tanning pool, going on bike rides with friends on the Katy Trail, and checking out all the new stuff at the Dallas Arboretum.

All in all, this new relationship is looking promising.

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