Guten tag! Bonjour! Spring Break 2011!

Lauren Cook

This past week I traveled with my family to visit Vienna, Austria, Bratislava, Slovakia, and Paris, France. It was a BLAST!!! I love Europe. I have been a few times before, but it was splendid as always. That was my second time to Austria but I loved it even more than I did when I first was there. Slovakia and France were new adventures for me!

To sum up each country:

-Vienna Opera house is a must-see! The tour guide was amazing. And being an SMU Student Ambassador, I appreciate good tours :)
-Mozart and Hayden have houses there…legit
-The apple strudel is to die for
-The people are friendly when you try to speak German

-It was formerly a communist nation
-Bratislava is a really collegey town with cool pubs and American pop music!
-It has incredible views from the castle
-It can be a tad sketchy, especially in the morning, when no one is awake

-People are very friendly (contrary to popular belief)
-The chocolate crossiants and chocolate crepes are flawless (I have no words to describe the heavenly flavor!!)
-There is a stark contrast between the poor and wealthy areas (a lot of them overlap)
-Mona Lisa is a lot smaller than I thought! She’s still awesome :)

Here are some pictures too!

Vienna Opera House

Mozart’s house

Castle in Bratislava, Slovakia

Eiffel Tower

Arc D’Triomph

Au revoir!


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