Spring!!! Can you feel it?!

By Elizabeth Eliot

Before I get started… Ignore Courtney and try to resist Bieber Fever! Get the vaccine! Something!

Anyways, that aside, Courtney’s right, March, and pretty much all of Spring Semester at SMU is a lot of fun simply because there is so much going on!

Firstly, you have the weather finally starting to warm up, and we all know what that means: trees in blossom, spring grass (yeah there’s a difference between spring and winter grass in Texas, who knew?), flowerbeds, and girls (and therefore boys) returning en masse to the tanning pool.

In addition to warmer weather and a sunnier overall disposition on campus, we have a lot of great events coming up. Firstly we have SPRING BREAK! YES!!! Then, in the coming weeks we have all sorts of shows through meadows and student organizations are hosting Spring Philanthropy events (think softball tournaments, crawfish boils, relay races, and synchronized swimming contests). In mid-April we are hosting Relay For Life–an all night relay-walk around the boulevard to raise money for cancer research, which is a great time for the whole campus to get together in support of a great cause! In addition, we are all anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring sports, and…wait for it…

wait for it…

KE$HA is coming to campus at the end of April! All in all, a good spring line up!!!

ACSRelayColor.jpg crawfish_4_bg_032603.jpg girls-softball1.jpg kesha-pics-1.jpg

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