The Month of….Spring Break.

By Courtney Steele

Happy March everyone! Which also means happy month of spring break! Happy month of Destination SMU! Happy month of spring flowers and sunshine! Happy month of the occasional rain shower! Happy month before April showers and May flowers! Happy month of final admission decisions! Oh, and most importantly – happy month, and day, of Justin Bieber’s 17th birthday! (PS. If you haven’t seen Never Say Never, go. I went on opening night at midnight with my best friend and you will love it even if you haven’t yet caught the Bieber Fever.)

I have a challenge I am posing to everyone for the month of March – take each day, hour and second at a time. Don’t get overwhelmed, whether by the looming decision about college plans or that test next week. Make a weekly to-do list, I live and die by my planner – I’m OCD and neurotic that way. Go see Gnomeo & Juliet and don’t turn down or turn off Justin Bieber when he comes on the radio. Enjoy every moment like nothing else matters but what you’re doing at that moment in time. Let every breath of fresh air with renewal. Let every ray of sunshine rejuvenate you. Allow yourself to be silly and act like a five year old, more often than not. Buy something organic and love the pretty scenery. Email an Ambassador with questions about SMU, the college search process or making the ultimate college decision. Love the Mustangs, and let March be the best month yet! And, as always, make sure you Pony Up!

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