Deep Breath In… Deep Breath Out…

By Elizabeth Eliot

Based upon the title of this blog, you may be thinking that I’m really stressed out about my life, however, I’m feeling exactly the opposite! So carefree and relaxed! (Talk to me in a few weeks, I won’t be feeling the same… 3 exams before Spring Break? Oh the humanity!!!)

Why am I experiencing such an utter lack of tension in my life? Well, this semester I decided to take up the practice of yoga. Mostly because I wanted to get yoga-toned, but also because I heard something about it being good for stress, mood, and overall well-being.

Now, that taking up yoga somewhere like Dallas seems like an incredibly costly undertaking. You have to pay for the trendy yoga mat, the yoga clothes, the yoga classes, and–if you really get into the lifestyle–soy drinks, vegan food, and plane tickets to India to study with the masters.

The catch? All I have to pay is $50 for unlimited yoga classes through our rec center, so essentially, for a short fee, I have complete access to any of the classes I want, at any time. If I were more ambitious, I could pay just a few dollars more and get the complete unlimited pass which would give me access to ALL the classes that the school offers–everything from zumba, yoga, spinning, and kettlebells to kickboxing and pilates. Not a bad deal!


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