The Red and the Blue and Destination SMU

By Courtney Steele

Red folders, prospective students and parents alike bustling around campus, current students wearing their Mustang pride, late nights in the residence halls, plenty of yummy food, an abundance of questions answered, interactions that can lead to roommates and friendships, hopefully gorgeous weather, SMU admissions counselors in their finest attire, and two very fun (and very full) days focused on the mission, Destination SMU.

Do I have you hooked yet? Spring is my favorite time of year on the Hilltop! It’s the time that more acceptance letters leave our office, the time many families join us for a visit, the time the weather turns from cloudy and gross to sunny and warm, the time of year right before my birthday and summer, and the time of year that Destination SMU welcomes admitted students onto campus to give an inside look into life as a Mustang! The Destination SMU program is a great way to look into the daily life of a student on campus, meet other prospective students that would be in your incoming class and meet current students with whom you can foster a great and lasting friendship (trust me! It happens, I have some great friends come out of my Destination SMU groups the past few years)!

Good luck to all still waiting on acceptance letters, and I hope we see all of you very soon upon the Hilltop! Pony Up!

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