Planning for the Future

By Derek K. Hubbard

This semester marks the first time that I have used a planner and calendar. You may be wondering how I have survived all this time before without using one. I am wondering the same thing right about now! As I look at my calendar, I’ve noticed that most of my days are not my own. Each day filled with homework assignments, meetings and important dates to remember.

My first-year at SMU, the university gave all students planners and calendars. I thought it was a nice gesture, but I didn’t want to keep a calendar. As I’ve progressed here, I’ve become increasingly busy and the need to keep a calendar has also increased. I say all of this to encourage first-year students to utilize calendars and planners early in their college career. It will help you keep everything organized and help you to not freak out about school work or appointments. You will be able to manage your schoolwork, campus job, extracurricular activities and even your free time. Furthermore, it will help you to procrastinate less and be more productive. I wish someone had told me this my first-year at SMU, and I possibly could have avoided a few headaches.

So your homework for the week is to go to Target or Barnes & Noble and find a planner that represents you and your sense of style. Buy it and start planning for your future.

Until next time…Pony Up!

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