Second Semester, Snow and the Superbowl


Hey everyone!

So this semester is starting off really well so far, but I can’t believe that I’m almost half done with SMU. For the first time ever I have no classes on Fridays – it’s the best experience ever. I stacked my business classes on Monday/Wednesday and my two history classes on Tuesday/Thursday for three day weekends, every weekend.

My favorite class this semester is actually very similar to my favorite last semester! Dr. Sabri Ates is a professor of Middle East history and I’ve really fallen in love with his classes on the region. With all that’s going on in Egypt, this has been an especially good time to be in a class on the politics and history of the Middle East.

The biggest news at SMU lately, however, has been all of our snow! Last Monday night (1/31) Dallas was hit with an epic ice storm that coated the whole city with about one inch of ice. Life essentially shut down because Dallas typically doesn’t have winter storms and the city was unprepared. Here at SMU we got Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off, then on Wednesday night it snowed SIX INCHES and we subsequently had Thursday and Friday off from school. It was so fun to be here with all the snow because people were making snow men and snow angels.


The snow and ice, however, didn’t impact the Super Bowl that was in Dallas/Arlington last weekend. There were huge celebrities and parties all over town and it felt like Dallas had the world’s attention.


Fun fact about an SMU alum: you can thank SMU for the NFL. Ray Hunt, owner of the Dallas Texans/Kansas City Chiefs, was the co-founder of the AFL which eventually merged with the NFL to create the modern NFL. Ray Hunt put together the first meeting of the two leagues forty five years ago in the very first Super Bowl! The Hunt family’s presence is still felt on our campus today through things like the Hunt Center for Engineering and Leadership and the Hunt Leadership Scholarship.

So happy to be on the Hilltop!

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