I used to get school off for hurricane days, but now I get snow days!

Lauren Cook

Dallas has been INSANE this past week. Yes, the Superbowl just happened here last night. But the weather was even more ridiculous! Last week, SMU had to close Tuesday through Friday due to excessive snow and ice, which made driving conditions horrible. Talk about cabin fever..I don’t know what to do in these situations being from Florida and all…I’m not used to being stuck in a building and not being able to go anywhere. I had to get creative.

But it was nice timing! Sadly, I had gotten behind in my schoolwork already and I needed to catch up, so I used this time to do that as well as get lots of sleep and fun in.

We still had some campus visits and tours towards the end of last week–we are intense in Admissions. We mean business! I hope this does not deter you from coming to visit SMU in the next few weeks. Truth is, the weather is supposed to get better (minus this Wednesday with some snow). Lately, it has been sunny and in the mid-40’s. It has been so pretty outside and the ice has melted!

So come on out and enjoy campus this month!

Here is a picture of last week just for laughs:


Until next time,


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