A Little Taste of Home

By Elizabeth Eliot

As you may or may not have known, today has been the first day of classes I’ve had in six days. Why? No, I am not living the college dream of having 6-day weekends everywhere, rather I’m coming off of a huge break due to… SNOW?! IN TEXAS?!?!

Yes ladies and gentlemen. It snowed last week in Texas, and even my Colorado snow-snob self was pleased. It was real, fluffy white snow (lots of ice, too, but that’s besides the point)! The six snow days were a lot of fun! One may expect that after a few days of nothing to do that the students of SMU would catch some serious cabin fever, but! NOTHING OF THE SORT!!!

SMU is great, because while many students move off-campus as upperclassmen, most of them rent out the multitudes of apartments mere steps away from campus, which is nice in a few ways. If you’re like me, and live in one of these apartments, it’s pretty cool to have your best friends next door or up the street. If you are still in the dorms or one of the sorority or fraternity houses, it’s nice to have to be able to take a break and visit your friends in said apartments.

You may also being concerned, given the fact that Dallas isn’t exactly designed for snow. What did the poor students of SMU DO during those six long days?! What did they EAT?! Lucky for us, we live in a prime location. Throughout the surrounding neighborhood we have a variety of restaurants and fast food joints (the majority of which stayed open), as well as a nice Blockbuster, grocery store, and other nice shops. So in fact, we were not stuck inside, starving and bored. In fact we were eating delicious food, shopping, and watching lots of great movies with our friends!

It’s apparently supposed to snow again or ice over on Wednesday. Well. I wouldn’t be opposed to a repeat.

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