You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

By Elizabeth Bandera

Along with a new semester comes that initial feeling of relief associated with starting out fresh, a brand new blank slate that is all ours! However, after a couple weeks pass you by, the stress of being able to keep up with your classes sets in…how can we fight off this awful feeling? Start early! By that I mean go above and beyond with your school work the first few weeks to really get yourself off to a great, stable start and then that feeling isn’t so scary (sounds like I have a killer social life, huh?). Took me until my junior year to figure out that procrastination amazingly doesn’t work out for the best – crazy, huh?

Now, just because I’ve been studying a lot at the beginning of this semester doesn’t mean I can’t find time for fun. Heck no! I’d go crazy if all I did was live in Fondren library every day of the week. Get a little air once in a while! I just saw the film Black Swan, which was pretty intense – I’d advise all of you who haven’t seen it to tread lightly…it’s CRAZY!

Oh! My roommmate and good friend Kayli Mickey (our school’s twirler) just had her birthday this past Tuesday and I got to take a break from studying to bake her a cake (I LOVE baking) and have a nice celebration for her birthday. Speaking of cakes, I have a small home business where I make and sell fondant cakes. I have always wanted to go into some type of culinary field and SMU is certainly helping me on my way there. Now, yes, I could have gone strait to culinary school out of high school, but my parents wisely told me that I needed a real degree first. I am currently majoring in Biochemistry and Mathematics and hope to some day go to graduate school to study Food Science (there are a lot of different branches within Food Science). So thanks, SMU for helping me out!

(A few of the cakes from Birthday’s past!)

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