By: Nick Cains

Hey there!

This is the beginning of the end-ish! Oh wow how crazy to actually say that. My Goals for this semester are vast, but accomplishable!

#1. Direct a show I’ve written.
I have this play already cast and I can’t wait to work on it. “Don’t Fear The Chocolate Man” is the story of a guy who wants girls to finally notice him, so his genie magically turns him into, literally, a chocolate man. Everybody likes chocolate right? Crazy times! It’s a ten minute-ish thing that I can’t wait to work on.

#2. Create a website, episodes, facebook group, and twitter for THE NICK CAINS SHOW.
… and I shall =D

#3. Travel to a place that’s not Tejas for Spring Break
C’MON! I gotta do soemthing interesting and I cannot wait to get the chance to. Hopefully this means I can visit some friends.

#4. Complete rewrites for “How to be Black”- The Full PLay I wrote.
I’m excited abotu this reading planned for the middle of March. I wanna rewrite and finally get this thing out there.

#5.Enjoy every single day
Simple, but true. With the fast-pace of my life right now gettign bogged down with internships and jobs, and applications, and basically everything I want in life. Sometimes it’s worth it to just take a moment out and enjoy my life. My Friends. And everythign in college that makes me happy. Hooray.

Nick Cains

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