I Heart Spring!

Lauren Cook

I love Spring. I second Courtney on that. Something about the Spring semester just makes me significantly happier! I don’t know–maybe it’s the fact that my birthday is February 19th or that we get a whole week for Spring Break in March or that my favorite seasons (Spring and Summer) arrive during this time…maybe it’s just all of these factors!

Especially for you high school seniors, this is an exciting time. I remember Spring semester of senior year in high school–it was the BEST. You just want to be with your friends and have a good time. Senioritis kicks in (I don’t recommend adhering to this), but you just want to have a good time. My advice for finishing strong– 1) Stay on top of school work. 2) Keep contacting people at your choice colleges. Don’t give up on follow up communication–even if you have gotten in! At SMU, we love to see people who are persistent and who like a quality relationship with their choice college. 3) Have fun and relax. High school can be overwhelming with deadlines and rules and it can just get ridiculous sometimes. Love life and love where you are at. Your future is getting nearer!

Glad to be back in Dallas and talk soon! :)


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