MMM Whacha Wanna Say Now?


By Nick Cains

What a way to end the end but with two LARGE accomplishments.

The first is my final video project for Broadcast 1. It was a video I made on the energy drink “Four Lokos”. I was able to interview some fantastic people about it and get some great shots of the drink itself before it was taken off the shelves. if yuou have any interest at all, be sure to check it out:


Also, my show “GRENADINE” closes tonight. It’s been a fantastic run of the show and I’ve had a blast. I worked with a bunch of theater majors that I never got a chance to work with before and it was fabulous. I played four characters:

The Master of Ceremonies
The Beekeeper
The Cook

And it was magical. The last show is tonight and I’m terribly excited!

Finally next semester I want to do something ambitious.

Produce two plays I wrote. “Having Fun” and “Don’t Fear the Chocolate Man”.

More to come on those, but the directing, casting, rehearsal, staging, challenge in these plays will be fun =D.

TTYL! And Merry Christmas

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