Bring Out the Tinsel and the Holly, It’s December!

By Elizabeth Bandera

First, I thought I’d stray from my normal Hilltop Ambassador photo and spice it up with a little holiday cheer (and a kitschy holly frame). After all, December is upon us and you all know what that means for us college kids…exciting thoughts of winter break, hot cocoa, the annual SMU celebration of lights, and, on a less merry note, finals and long periods of time spent in one of our nine lovely SMU libraries.

Thanksgiving break was a nice change of pace from the busy end-of-semester hullaballoo going on here at SMU. I was able to visit my home back in Austin, TX and spend the holidays hanging out with my family and meeting up with old friends. It’s a tradition in my family to take our annual Christmas card photo during the Thanksgiving holidays at my Grandparents house – this is always a mild catastrophe because it takes a while for my father to figure out when he wants all of us to stand, what our order will be, how we pose, etc. It is also quite difficult to find a photo that 4 people can mutually agree upon to put on a card that will be sent to EVERYONE. Compromises were made, but in the end we came out with a few great photos. We also decided to put on crazy holiday sweaters for fun – call it our “Holliday Transformation.” (As seen below.)


Another thrilling announcement???the SMU football team is attending the Conference USA Championship in Orlando, FL this weekend and guess what? The Mustang Band gets to go too! I will be leaving tomorrow morning at 5:00am for sunny Florida (actually the weather is supposed to be pretty much the same as it is here in Dallas right now ??? chilly) where the band will get to play at the game and visit local attractions. Harry Potter World here I come! Stay tuned for some more holiday updates!

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