All I Want for Christmas…


By Courtney Steele

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year. I attended all of the football games and boulevards, I pony up-ed when asked, I went to class and studied for tests, I went to the best restaurants and movies, and most of all, I supported our Mustangs. I was nice to the TCU fans, even the rude one I encountered, I always put my recycling in our bins around campus, and greeted prospective families with a smile.

I have written up a Christmas list for you this year. It is not very big or long, but it would mean so much to me if you could bring everything I have on my list!

I would like very much for us to have great weather for Celebration of Lights this Sunday – it would make everyone very happy. I would also like for SMU to win against UCF on Saturday and for the Mustangs to go to another bowl game. If it isn’t too much trouble, I would also like for us to win our bowl game so we can demonstrate our Pony Pride loud and proud. I’m also asking that we all do well on our finals and each of us has the ability to focus during our crammed study time. Please also have winter break be full of rest and fun for all the world! And please bring good news for our prospective students who applied early action, if that isn’t too much to ask.

I hope all is well in the North Pole. Please say hi to Mrs. Claus and Rudolph for me! Send your elves my best regards! And most of all, have a very Merry Christmas!

All the Best,

PS. Could you build a Pinkberry closer to my house in addition to the aforementioned requests? Thanks!
PPS. Oh, it would also be great if you would let my mommy give me extra cookies at dinner this year.
PPSS. Could you also maybe bring a white Christmas back home? Thank you Santa! I’ve been nothing but good this year, I pinky swear.
PPPSS. I’ll leave some extra chocolate chip cookies for you to take back to the elves by my tree this year.
PPPSSS. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

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