Wisconsin: America’s Dairyland

Lauren Cook

So, I went to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving….I know, random, right? Well, some of my dad’s side of the family lives there and I hadn’t been since 5th grade! It was nice to be back at their house in Smalltown, USA –> a.k.a. Middleton, Wisconsin. It was freezing! I think it was 20’s and 30’s most of the time. I definitely had to wear all I brought–I’m never prepared enough.

But it was such a good time. We hung out, did many fun activities, reminisced about family memories, and ate lots of food. I got to try fried cheese curds for the first time! (People who really know me know full well that I am obsessed with cheese so my family made this a priority..haha)

We actually didn’t eat Thanksgiving Dinner till Friday, since most people got in on Thursday. Below, you can see some pictures of our feast and one of the amazing dishes prepared by my cousin and her boyfriend–sweet potato casserole. Gotta love it.

My family also hosted a Croquet Tournament, which apparently has been a tradition for 2 years now. Well, I won it! I had never even played Croquet before. I beat out my Dad and my experienced family members. I got the trophy and everything with my name on it 😉 It’s quite a big trophy (almost a yard tall). Too bad I couldn’t fit it in my suitcase on the way back..

It was a good time, and now I’m back into the whirl of Dallas. I am ready to tackle finals, but I’m also so ready to get outta here and go back home! I haven’t been back to Florida since August…yeah I know.

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