Home Sweet Fondren

By Elizabeth Eliot

Well, it’s official. Tomorrow, the students of SMU will be “enjoying” their fall semester reading day. What does that mean? Finals are here.

Ah, yes, the sweet, sweet feeling of too much schoolwork, not enough sleep, and the realization that you probably should’ve started writing that term paper a month ago. However, finals season isn’t ALL that bad!

First off, the way that SMU schedules finals is pretty nice. Unlike High School, where you have a few miserable days all in a row jam-packed with final exams, SMU schedules the exams throughout the week, so you won’t have 3 finals all on one day.

Another great thing about finals week at SMU (yes, I just admitted that there can be great things about finals) is that SMU offers a few study breaks and diversions for its students. The most notable tradition is the Celebration of Lights. Every year, SMU covers Dallas Hall and the trees on the main quad with Christmas lights for the annual reading of the Christmas story and carol singing. The Celebration is always the Sunday night before finals start, and it’s a great chance for the entire SMU community to get together one last time for something really nice before everyone disappears into either a library.

Additionally, SMU is a close-knit community, and the faculty and staff know that finals are stressful, so they do what they can to make the week a little better for the students. In Fondren (our big library), the librarians serve hot chocolate and coffee late at night. The dining hall staff also makes late night breakfast each night, so waffles, pancakes, french toast, oh my!

So, yes. Finals are tough. But, they are definitely doable. Besides, once we finish exams, we get nearly 5 weeks of the restful glory that is winter break!!!

Happy Holidays, everybody!

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