Ready, Set, Register!

By Elizabeth Eliot

So yesterday, I registered for my classes for next spring. While it’s hard to believe that the semester is almost over and I only have 3 more, I must say that I am VERY excited for next spring!

At SMU, you have an academic advisor who helps you figure ouy what classes you need to take to finish your degree, but unlike high school, there is a lot of flexibility in choosing which exact classes you want to take to fullfill your requirements. In addition, you are typically able to choose your preferred time frame for classes, so for people like me (aka dead to the world before 10 AM), you can choose to start classes whenever you want!

Through the past two and a half years I have really learned how to work the whole enrollment system. What does this mean for me? Next semester I have no class on Fridays, and don’t start until 11 every other day! Oh glory! Currently, I’m envisioning a lot of sleep and relaxation, lots of TV watching, plenty of time at the gym… stress-free bliss.

But c’mon, let’s be real. Every semester (while awesome and lots of fun) is always a lot of work! I am just going to try to live in blissful ignorance until January!

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