Campus Transit

By Natalie Sharp

A question that I often receive from prospective students is, “Do I need a car on campus to survive?” Well, my friends, I am here to tell you, “No. Absoulutely not!”

First-year students are allowed to have cars on campus, although parking space is limited. The car must be registered with the SMU police. For more information, visit Students will receive a parking permit to place in the bottom corner of their windshield. A picture of what one looks like is below.


However, if you are not planning on bringing a car to campus, have no fear! SMU provides its students with plenty of alternatives as far as getting around Dallas. First, SMU has a bus line called “Bus Route 768” (formerly known as Mustang Express) which takes you to campus, popular student apartment areas and nearby stores, services and restaurants. You can connect to the DART Rail Red or Blue Line and other buses at Mockingbird Station. See a picture of the infamous bus below!


Also, a DART pass offers a year of unlimited rides on Dallas Area Rapid Transit buses and trains, and SMU offers those passes to students for just 5 dollars! The DART rail will get you practically anywhere you might want to go…North, East, South & West! A picture of the DART is below.


On a side note, the weather in Dallas is cooling off which makes me so excited that I just have to post this next picture!


Okay, so it may not be THAT cold yet, but I can dream right?! Until next time, GO MUSTANGS!

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