Application Time

Greg Nelson

The Nov. 1 early action deadline has just passed. Didn’t get your application in early? No worries, you still have time to apply under the Jan. 15 deadline where you will have the same chance of getting in as if you applied early. For those of you that know that SMU is your first choice, it is a great first choice. This campus is awesome and the people are great. If you are not sure if you want to come to SMU or apply, my suggestion is to come to campus and take a look. It is a beautiful campus. While you are here talk to current students and listen to how much they love this school. Some of my friends that are seniors are trying find ways to stay another year because they have had such an awesome 4 years, that they want one more. Also, talk to an admissions counselor while you are here so that they can answer all your questions and put your worries at ease. If you are worried about student life or have questions feel free to email me. For all of the seniors graduating in 2011, best of luck in the application process and we hope to see you as a part of the Mustang family next fall! As always…GO MUSTANGS!

About Nelson, Randall Gregory

I am from Cleveland, OH and in my third year at SMU. I am studying Finance and Economics and hope to work in sports after I graduate. At SMU, I currently work in the admissions office and serve as the President for our campus chapter of Habitat for Humanity.
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