That Sweet Sweet Smell.


By Courtney Steele

The slosh of wet grass being crushed under cowboy boots and loafers, the smell of wet trees dripping down, the buzz of voices echoing across a typically calm lawn, an SMU jersey being worn by Jack Ingram in front of the Dallas Hall stairs, the gentle glow of the sun peeking out from afternoon clouds, blue dresses and button downs covering a green boulevard, Coke cans and Dasani bottles over filling trash cans, the sweet but tangy wafting scent of barbecue floating tent to tent, a wonderful Pinkberry kiosk sitting happily by the flagpole, pouring rain and strikes of lightning followed by a loud crash of thunder, a two and a half hour game delay, and the unreal sound and sight of hundreds of SMU students singing and screaming while fist pumping on the boulevard – homecoming 2010.

Pony Up!

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