Broadway on the Boulevard

Whew, so glad to have an easier week after my fun but busy time last week. As you may or may not know we celebrated “Broadway On the Boulevard” for our Homecoming theme last week. It started off with painted wooden Perunas and banners the Friday before, then community service day where SMU students went all over Dallas lending a hand, window painting at local businesses, a spirit competition, quiz bowl, field day, and most importantly float building.

Float building here is serious businesses. Al the organizations that participate get a flatbed trailer and deck it out with all the accoutrements necessary to display their theme and to win the float building contest. My fraternity had the play Chicago as our theme, and we worked with our friends in Chi Omega sorority to build our float. Last Thursday all the groups in Homecoming had an all night float building party so we could all finish our respective floats.

Last Saturday we had our homecoming parade with country singer Jack Ingram as our Grand Marshall. We found out right as the parade was starting that my fraternity SigEp and Chi Omega had won the float building contest! We were all really excited. After the parade was, of course, Boulevarding. This one, however, was special because Jack Ingram – an SMU alum – performed a concert for us. It started raining on the Boulevard but we all turned it into a giant dance party on the quad. So much fun! The game sadly was won by Houston, but the great parade and Boulevard capped off an amazing week.

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