A little soggy, but still really fun!

By Elizabeth Eliot

So, as I mentioned, it was homecoming last weekend-AKA my favorite time of the year. It was good time, but definitely a little out of the ordinary. Why, you ask? Well, because Dallas basically experienced a monsoon last weekend.

So here’s how the story goes:
Thursday night–All the student organizations participating in homecoming were iconstructing their floats. This process includes building a huge float on top of a trailer using wood and chicken wire. Once the actual structure of the float was complete, we have to spend countless hours “pomping” it–ie rolling up little pieces of tissue paper and filling EVERY SINGLE HOLE in the chicken wire with it. The end result of the whole process is amazing, but it is definitely a process–and the floats can be considered somewhat… fragile. That’s why everyone started to panic when they checked the weather forecast for Saturday–70% chance of thunderstorms! (Imagine the impact of gross amounts of water on gross amounts of tissue paper… horrors)

Friday–Everyone was working hard Friday afternoon to add the final touches to their floats, the weather had held thus far, so everyone was pretty optimistic and hoped that the weather report for Saturday would be wrong.

Saturday Morning–It was a dark and windy morning, but no rain yet! I walked out to Hillcrest to watch the parade with some friends, rain jacket under my arm, just in case. The parade passed, was awesome, and the rain hadn’t destroyed any of the floats, so we headed out to the Boulevard to hear Jack Ingram play! Jack was great, and then, right as the concert ended, it started to POUR!

On the downside, it was pretty wet…BUT on the upside I can now say that I’ve both sung and danced in the rain! Despite the bad weather, everyone stayed at the Boulevard, which I thought really showed off our school spirit! It was great!

Eventually, it was game time. We all went out to the stadium, Jack Ingram sang the national anthem, Peruna was on the field, the cheerleaders were cheering, and then–gasp–it started to rain even harder, with lightning this time, so we had to evacuate the field and the game was delayed. We eventually went on to… lose… but we’re not talking about that… but overall, I’ve got to say that it was a great homecoming week/weekend!

When it comes to weather, what can ya do?!

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