Dear Diary… I’m a Homecoming Candidate


By: Nick Cains

Isn’t that exciting? I thought it was indeed. When you’re a first year and you’re voting for homecoming king- you don’t even fathom that maybe- just mayeb you could in teh running for that too.

Either way, it’s been a wonderful experience so far.

My really good friend Michelle Dekkers is my Homecomign Queen candidate partner and we are both representing Program Council. I met Michelle randomly a couple years ago and wouldv’e never guessed as a sophomore that we would be paired up like this two years later.
Michelle and all of Program Council really have been working thier tushies off to make an excellent theme come alive.

Our theme is “Phantom of the Opera” and I get the grand honor of appearing as the phantom on the float in the parade tomorrow =D. I am extra excited about it!

In terms of how the candidates are chosen, it’s based on:

#1. Popular Vote
#2. GPA/Resume
#3. Interview
#4. School Spirit

So, it’s pretty hollistic. I’m just ready to get on the float and wave a to a bunch of my friends.

The experience of walking on the field during halftime for the announcement and hanging with my friends afterwards will be priceless.


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