The Wedding Bells Chime at Dallas’ Old Red Museum

By Elizabeth Bandera

Whew! This past weekend was hectic, but in the good way. We kicked off SMU Homecoming week with our 42nd Annual SMU Community Service Day, organized by SPARC (one of SMU’s volunteer/service organizations). As the President of SPARC, I, along with my executive team and advisor, put in hours upon hours of work preparing to send 800+ kids around Dallas to different service projects and volunteering opportunities. Overall it was a huge success and we are excited to start planning the next one!

Here is the link to an article in SMU’s Daily Campus newspaper about Community Service Day:

Immediately after Community Service Day I had to run home and get ready to attend a friend’s wedding. Yay! The wedding and reception were both held in the Old Red Museum located in downtown Dallas – it was absolutely gorgeous.

(A photo of the Old Red Museum in Dallas, TX)

Despite the fact that I’ve been in Dallas for several years now, there are still lovely new places around the city that I discover every day! I always drove past the Old Red Museum on my way back to Dallas from my home in Austin, TX, but never knew what it was. Now, I have found a new, exciting place to visit in Dallas that I can share with friends and family – Dallas is full of wonderful surprises.

The wedding ceremony and reception were beautiful. I sat and chatted with the Bride’s relatives while the wedding party prepared for the big moment. Luckily, since the bride was an SMU alum as well as a Mustang Band alum, I saw some familiar faces amongst the sea of relatives. From the cute little flower girls all the way to the horse-drawn carriage that carried the married couple away to their honeymoon, the entire affair was a night to remember.

(Left: Me with the Bride’s brother and grandmother. Center: I really like cake, so I made one of my friends snap a photo of me with their lovely wedding cake. Right: Me with a fellow Mustang Band alum.)

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