Eatin’ Late, Eatin’ Great

So everybody knows that when you go to college you should expect lots of studying, library time, procrastination, Facebook breaks, and late nights. What you may not know before you come to college is how big late night eating is. It doesn’t matter if you’re studying in a study lounge in your residence hall, in your room, at “Club Fondren” (the main library), or one of the 8 other libraries on campus, as the night progresses texts begin to roll in and people show up asking if you want to make a food run. The so-called “fourth meal” desire starts hitting around midnight and hits its peak at about 1 am.


The most popular “fouth meal” locations are generally Jimmy John’s, Taco Bell, Whataburger, 7-11, Caf?? Brazil (24/7 breakfast), Canes, Sonic, and Betty’s Best. Jimmy John’s is legendary among students for their late hours, quick service, relatively affordable sandwiches, and delivery to dorms. One of my favorite quick study breaks is right at the edge of campus – good old 7-11. Nothing satiates the need for something sweet to get you refocused on studying like a slurpee from our most beloved convenience store. Personally, I’m a big fan of the Dr Pepper flavored ones.



TBell for Mexican and Betty’s Best Chinese round out late night ethnic food delivery, but one place stands apart from all the others – Whataburger. Whataburger is a Texas institution and their bright orange W sign serves as a beacon for all late-night hunger-crazed college students. While their standard/day menu is fantastic, they are especially famous for their late night breakfast. The honey butter chicken biscuit is a melt-in-your-mouth two am right of passage. So no matter if you’re doing it because you’re actually hungry, you need a mental break, you’re procrastinating, or just because you are socializing late night eating is a huge part of the college life and a lot of fun!



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