Midterms are upon us!


By: Marlee Klein

The best part about Fall Break? It’s a chance to relax, enjoy some beautiful weather, and catch up on some sleep. The worst part about Fall Break? It signals that we are about to enter the throes of midterm season!

The good news is that there are so many resources on campus to help me prepare for my exams! For example, I feel prepared for my Spanish midterm today (wish me luck!) because my professor was so available during her office hours for questions and discussions about the material. The Learning Enhancement Center (LEC) was also available for extra tutoring, and I reserved a study room in Fondren Libray to hold a study session with other students in my class.

Since this is junior year, I’ve definitely felt a shift in the academic mood as people begin to plan for “the future.” It’s how much stress that six letter word causes for some students. My peers are already thinking about cities they’d they ultimately want to live in, which graduate programs they are interested in, and how they’re going to pay for them. Whew!

Although I know that my family and I will have to discuss these issues soon, for now, I’m just enjoying some quality time on the Hilltop!

Pony up!

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