SMU’s Next Star Twirler? Probably Not, But I Can Still Dream.

By Elizabeth Bandera

It’s always sad to see close college friends graduate and leave for work or graduate school, but it is SO exciting when they come back to visit! Two weekends ago several of my good friends from the SMU Mock Trial team (who are now off in the real world working and going to law school) came back to visit. We all went to the SMU vs. Rice game, which SMU won!

(Left: Ryan Moore (at USC Law), Sarah Geist (Student Teacher at Booker T. Washington High School) and myself at the football game. Right: Peter Goldschmidt (working as a Legal Analyst), Sara, Alex Miller (Tax Consultant), myself and Ryan at a line dancing honky tonk place!)

After the Rice game we all went out to dinner and then went line dancing (or attempted to line dance) at this Houston honky tonk place that played mostly country music with the occasional “popular” song thrown into the mix.

This past weekend was the lovely SMU vs. Tulsa game, which we…guess what…WON! Hoorah! This past weekend I was twirlified. What is this you ask? Well, Since Kayli Mickey, one of our school’s feature twirlers, is my roommate, I have the whole Mickey family in my apartment during home games. For every SMU game here in Dallas, the Mickey clan drives up from Houston to visit – Kayli’s mom, dad, grandparents and twirling sponsor are all there to keep us company. This weekend we had a lot of time before the game, so Mrs. Mickey, who does Kayli’s hair each game, offered to do mine as well. “SURE!” I said, letting Mrs. Mickey shalack my hair into an elegant updo – my hair looked like it would be apropriate at a beauty pagent or as the SMU twirler, but I made it work in my snazzy band uniform. I also was given a wonderful SMU peruna tatoo to put on my cheek – all I was missing was a glittery twirling outfit and a baton!

(Left: Kayli Micky and myself standing on the Ford Stadium field before band practice. Right: Me and Christianne Teague, a freshman and fellow mellophone player with me in the Mustang Band.)

This past Tuesday was also my little sister, Katie’s, eighteenth birthday!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY SISTER! Since she is a senior in high school, I’m hoping she comes to SMU to be a Mustang with me! Love you, Katie.

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