By Elizabeth Eliot

So I’ve decided that October is one of my favorite months, and not because it was the month that the Rockies almost won the world series… in 2007 (woo Colorado!), but because it is truly lovely in Dallas! October is about the time when the temperature FINALLY starts to drop and I can start to break out the fall clothes. I’m a huge fan of cardigans, what can I say. In addition to a new wardrobe, all sorts of new opportunities have started popping up around town and I’m sure everyone is thinking about the TEXAS STATE FAIR! I write in caps because caps are big, like Texas, and the state fair. I went out the the state fair last weekend with one of my best friends and it was a real blast! While the state fair is well known for its variety of fried foods (think pb&j and oreos), it has an awesome petting zoo (pet a highland cow! they are adorable!), the biggest Ferris wheel in United States, and of course, Big Tex, the 49-foot-tall talking cowboy.

In addition to the state fair, it has also been fun to take advantage of the other things October has to offer: haunted houses, a huge pumpkin display at the arboretum, new exhibitions at the Dallas Museum of Art, and Halloween displays in the front yards of neighborhood houses. In addition, October has a couple of other great things coming up: HALLOWEEN!!!! and most importantly HOMECOMING FOOTBALL GAME! It’s an exciting time on the hilltop, more news to follow!

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