“Cool” Things in Dallas

By Natalie Sharp

The title of this blog post is, ‘”Cool” Things in Dallas.’ (Pun intended!) Get it? The weather has been “cooling” off here in the lone star state thus there are very “cool” things that come with the temperature change, i.e. what we call Autumn. Okay, so 80-85 degree temperatures are not the best representation of what “cooler” weather in Dallas truly is… but, hey it beats 99+ degrees! This being said, the “cool” things popping up around Dallas help us get in the spirit of Autumn, despite the weather not being as cool as it will eventually get.

Things like Cafe Brazil’s new holiday menu! They have awesome Pumpkin Pancakes…mmmm!

Things like Starbucks holiday menu items like a Pumpkin Spice Latte and Toffee Latte.

Things like Manny’s Uptown Tex-Mex Chile Rellenos and warm homemade Tortilla Soup! When the weather really cools off, Manny’s continues to utilize their amazing outdoor patio by surrounding it with a weatherproof tent and heaters! Manny’s patio is the perfect place to gather your friends and enjoy a wonderful meal, all while staying warm.

Things like the Texas State Fair!
The other night, I ventured out to one of my favorite things about the fall in Texas: The Texas State Fair! The picture below was taken by me on the ferris wheel (which, I will have you know, is the largest ferris wheel in the nation!) Seeing Dallas from that kind of a view was awesome. I also restrained myself from devouring all of the fried foods that the fair offers and stuck to one fried snickers bar. It was delicious! I am also planning on going to the fair again tomorrow afternoon and will probably purchase one of my all time favorite foods, a caramel apple! YUM!

Until next time, Pony Up this weekend and BEAT TULSA!

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