Reunite. Why not?


By Nick Cains

Is the weekend approaching us already?

How crazy.

I’m in a reminiscient mood. So, I’ll share a story with you.

When I was freshman I was scared of not having a social life. I was scared that I wouldn’t make enough freinds. I would be the only one without a girlfriend. I would be the only one who doesn’t drink. I would be the most awkward one at the party– just crazy irrational thoughts that went nowhere.

So, at some point I just let it go. I opened my mouth and spoke to people and they spoke back. I went to some parties, didn’t drink and felt amazing. Nobody made a big deal about it. And the girlfriend thing, I let that go with time to spare.

I’ve found that the hardest thing to deal with in college sometimes is the ideas, the deep seeded ideas that I came to college with. The expectations of how I might not be able to fit in. The expectation that I needed to be like other people to even be happy.

I have to remind myself constantly that no matter what other people are doing in college– there success stories and there failures– I’m constanlty progressing on a path that I made for myself.

Small anecdote.

There was a girl from my freshman year that I was sure I lost contact with forever. I thought that she didn’t want to be freinds with me anymore (trust me, I can tell hoW cheesy this sounds) for reasons that I must have cooked up on my own volition. We kinda haven’t spoken or seen eachother in over 2 years.

I saw her at the Varisty yesterday, sat down, and just had a conversation. We talked about her life. And mine. About homewrok. About plans for the future. About how we never crossed path for a while, but are glad we did today.

She’s my freind. A freind that I haven’t spoken to for years because of expectations and being caught up in the whirlwind of school that I forgot to just appreciate the little moments.

I do more of that now. Looking people in the eyes. Giving real hugs. Laughing. Watching movies. Having dinner. All of it.

I reunited with a freind. I hope to make that a habit.

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