And my world just slowed right down…


By Nick Cains

How was the last couple weeks? EXTRA CRAZY!

Imagine walking in on your first day of class to realize you will not have 6-11 o’ clock free at all. That is terrifying, but we got through it guys. My show “Our Town” has closed with an excellent run. Not only did we “get through it”, but we still completed our journalism video assignments, rehearsed our directing scene, wrote our first act of our play and maintained the most moderate of social lives =D.

Now, what’s cookin for the next week? It’s the final week before fall break so, everybody’s just itchin’ to fly away and do something fun! I will be here in good ol’ Dallas chilling VERY hard. I wanna take out this time this weekend to just appreciate being in my own skin. A ton of my friends will be gone so I can pretty much just focus on relaxation and “The Nick Cains Show”.

If I haven’t told you already my side project/ what I want to do with my life/ is to have my own show. In some fashion. I’m about to start up on my radio show, edit my videos from two episodes I did last year, and get my stuff online. This is all self-motivation so, wish me all kinds of luck. Yay!

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