Family Weekend! And what a weekend it was!

By Elizabeth Eliot

This weekend was probably one of the busiest weekends I have ever experienced at SMU! The campus hosted both Parents’ Weekend and the Battle for the Iron Skillet.

Now Parents’ Weekend is fairly self-explanatory: The Student Foundation organized a bunch of events for visiting SMU family. For instance, a special BBQ on the boulevard before the football game on Friday, a Taste of Dallas dinner on Saturday, and a Talent show on Saturday night. In addition, there were all sort of informative sessions that parents could go to, as well as open houses at all the fraternity houses. Overall it was a real success!

The Battle for the Iron Skillet, however, is a little bit more difficult to explain–First of all, I honestly have no idea why they call it the Battle for the Iron Skillet, but it’s really just a crazy name for our biggest rivalry football game of the year. As you guys may know, SMU and TCU are both located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, both have football teams, both have a lot of school pride, and both have a lot of alumni still living in the area. So, each year our schools duke it out on the football field either at home or at TCU, and let me tell you, these football games are INSANE.

This year the game was at SMU, so the theme for boulevarding was “red out”–basically we all tried to wear red. Before the game, we hung out on the boulevard in our red get-ups, caught up with our friends, and dragged our parents around behind us. Additionally, a lot of TCU students came to the boulevard as well–it was a sea of red and purple. When the game actually started, I was amazed! Ford Stadium was full to the brim! I’ve never seen it so full in my life, but thanks to all the Dallas SMU and TCU alumni in the area, as well as the Dallas families who came out to support our team, a new record was set in the stadium–our biggest crowd of over 35,000!!!

In the end, we lost the game (TCU is number 4 in the nation after all…), but I think everyone had a great time. Our team really held its own and was even in the lead for some of the game. It makes me very excited for the remaining games of the season!!!

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