Football and Boulevarding!

Okay, so we all know there are great things about fall – cool weather, colorful trees, Halloween, etc – but for me the defining aspect of fall is football. I’m so happy that football is back on the Hilltop! In case you didn’t know, here at SMU we don’t tailgate, we Boulevard. Meaning, before all the home games alumni, student groups, and others put up tents on the main quad and cook out, hang out, and party before we head to the stadium. Boulevarding is one of the most fun and unique things about SMU, and the they are some of my favorite memories of SMU so far. We’ve been lucky to have three straight weekends of home games, meaning we’ve had three weeks of Boulevarding and football!



The best thing about the whole event is that it brings our whole campus together before the game to hang out and mingle together. It’s a great moment of campus unity and it’s a total blast to eat and hang out with everyone. We then all follow our mascot Peruna – a live Shetland pony – into the game to cheer our Mustangs on to victory. There a ton of traditions here at SMU and several of them revolve around our football games. There are four different chants we do during the game, the fourth quarter shuffle, Peruna runs when we score, we sing the Varsity at the end – win or lose -, and more. We started off our season playing at Texas Tech and lost a close game by 8, then had our home opener against UAB who we beat by 21 points, Washington State at home fell to the Mustangs by 14 points, and then this past weekend was Family Weekend where we took on our biggest rivals – the TCU Horned Frogs – at the time #4 in the country and sadly lost by 17 points. Our Mustangs played great in all the games and I think the team really shows a lot of promise. Looking forward to an awesome season!



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